Mid January

I’ll start by saying….ummm….where¬†did the first 20 days of January go?!? They just flew by! I’ll be honest: I took our artificial Christmas tree down December 28th. At noon to be exact. Honestly, I just had enough.

Jeremy and I hosted our first Christmas dinner for his Family, on Christmas eve. It was SO, SO nice to have everyone over. it was magical…as Christmas eve normally is.

Christmas day and dinner at my parents and boxing day…and then home. So basically by the time everything was all said and done. I was done with Christmas. I wanted our house back to the way it was.

And that my friends is a real quick recap of our holidays.

So back to what I was getting at..ahem….Christmas came and went. As per almost always…time to pack away things. Each year: after Christmas I try and set aside time…or while I’m packing things up and ask myself: do I really need these extra decorations? As I’m looking in a plastic bin designated for Christmas decor i look in it and see items that I didn’t even put out that year.

It’s hard. Things that go thru your head sometimes: maybe I’ll use it? I don’t want to have to re-buy this again, maybe I’ll change my mind next year and find a purpose for it.

That old rule: if you haven’t used it in a while….or it’s been ignored then it’s safe to say that it’s time to part with it. Easier said than done…I know, I know, but honestly there is something to say for parting with things that you don’t use anymore. After donating household and seasonal items, I find myself feeling:

1. Like a weight has been lifted off my shoulder.

2. These items can better be used by someone else.

Pretty good reasons to part with things that basically, you are just holding on to….for the sake of holding on to them.

I thrive on function…making things work to the best of their ability…things together and in a spot where it just makes sense.

Christmas is a great example of how to best organize items/decor that are used for maybe 1 month out of the year.

I’ve rounded up a few of my most favorite and inspiringly organized ideas.





Organizing Christmas decorations


Organize Christmas Ornaments


Did you do a Christmas decor purge this year? Have any tips on parting with items…that seem hard to get rid of?

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