For a marketing class, that I’m currently enrolled in I’ve been asked to write a blog post about being transparent and why it’s important to organizations in social media.

Being transparent…well it’s important. Well actually: it’s SUPER important, as is being upfront with people and not beating around the bush or hiding information from your audience. Honesty and trust are so important and together that can build a strong relationship. This can all be applied to a company and it’s consumers and the relationship that can develop over time. It’s important for a company to provide clear intentions about what they are offering, what they believe in and what their intention is.

As part of this exercise I found a short article, with an infographic that breaks transparency right down simplistically. Some of the key points that stood out to me, in this article were ideas like share your business values and explain how you operate. Both are great points on being transparent with your readers. If I were to see this on a social media site, for a company I would have a higher level of trust and respect for a company than a company that neglected to add this information.

What are the limits of transparency?

I had to think about this one for a minute. I never really thought about this before…..we live in a time where being open is the new norm. Gone are the days where the majority of information is hidden from us and kept under wraps.

So what kind of limitation could one put on transparency? A company could withhold their company strategy, where they’re going and how they’re going to get there. They could choose to withhold certain dealings involving trades/acquisitions or other higher level details. I would imagine when you are deciding what not to divulge to the public one would have to ask themselves what ramifications could this have if the information is later found out?

Going forward transparency has taken on a whole new meaning for me. Information hat I take for granted and look for and respect…now means something more to me.

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