My social media personality is light-hearted, fun, personal and informative. I really enjoy sharing ideas and tips that work because organizing is my passion. Passing on any information, advice or inspiration well….that makes me happy. When I write blog posts it’s like I’m having a conversation with someone. I try to keep it easy-going and relatable. For these reasons I choose to write each and every one of my blog posts….like you know me….and/or possibly, maybe want to get to know me a bit better…and come back to my lil’ blog once or twice a week to read and be inspired.

In the organizing industry it is a MUST to be relatable….to come across in a certain way…to help others who want help with things in their life that need to be organized. I believe that when helping people with their spaces and possessions…a certain tone and communication have to be used.

I follow a handful of organizing blogs and I find that they convey these type of attributes. Two sites that come to mind are Jen at IHeartOrganizing and Annie at Live Simply By Annie for a couple of years now and have always been inspired by them and I love reading what and how they write. There is a certain tone that I find draws me in. They blog and I really enjoy all the topics that they write about.g. With all this being said…I would like to believe that they have a similar writing style as myself.

Until my next post….talk to ya soon!

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