Digg. So I’ve heard of it before and I’ve seen it on the bottom of blog posts many times, as a way to share a blog post on Digg. For those of you that don’t know what Digg is it’s a website where you can read about articles written from all over the web and about topics such as science, political issues and articles that have gone viral.

For this class assignment I thought that it would be easy to find an article that pertains to my theme/industry. I seriously spent a good 10 to 15 minutes scrolling thru and trying to search for articles on “Organizing” “professional organizing”…anything, but I came up empty handed. So..Unfortunately I have nothing to link back to Digg.

After coming back here empty handed I wondered: why is there nothing related to my theme/industry. Honestly, I definitely see what the majority of posts relate to on Digg, but home topics and lifestyle topics are not included in the mix. I’m lead to believe that Digg is about sharing articles and information related to politics, funny and light-hearted viral articles and some downright absurd headlines……that you want to click on to read. Viewers that travel to Digg maybe aren’t interested lifestyle topics.

One of the great things about Digg is that with just a click of a share button click you can shoot off an interesting article to your facebook wall, tweet it, or save it to your account to read later.

All-in-all Digg is a useful place to scroll through varying topics. It could definitely branch out more, but I think it’s safe to say that Digg has it figured out for a majority of the population, when it comes to what is posted and displayed for their subscribers. I could definitely be wayyy of the mark on my comments. Let me know 🙂

Have you tried out Digg or taken a look around? Honestly, it is worth a look.

Head on over here.

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