Top 10 Organizing blogs

Boy have I got a great post to share with you today!  I’m sure you got it with my headline, but let me explain more. I’ve compiled a top 10 list of (in my personal opinion) the best sites and blogs out there that can help you to get inspired to organize. I’ve made it easy to pop on over to these site by either clicking on the image itself or clicking on the labelled “Link”. Enjoy!

In no particular order….


I have been following this blog for about a year and a half and have seen this site really take off. Jen heads up iheartorganizing and you are in for a real treat. She’s an amazing organizer and SUPER crafty! Link


This is a great site to check out and scroll through all of Becky’s inspiring projects that she has completed in her home. Not to mention that her blog has thousands of organizing ideas. Link


Dana is a riot. This the account of a woman who is on a “deslobification journey”. She tells it like it is….throws in some hilarious comments and isn’t afraid to keep it real with her struggles to keep it light-hearted and honest. Link


A thoughtful place is run by Courtney. I dare you to head over to her blog…seriously she has great taste…great ideas and it is truly inspiring to read her organizing blog posts. Link


Yup…sure did…I added Martha Stewart to this list. Seriously though: how could I not add her? She is one of the TOP people that I look up to, and have from a young age. She is truly an inspiration and with that.. I’ll stop. Link


Annie is one of my MOST favorite blogs to visit. Her blog and work is a TRUE inspiration! Honestly she’s up there for me…one of the most inspiring bloggers. Check her blog out. Link


Real Simple. One of my most favorite magazines…awe inspiring images and interesting and quirky tips to help make life easier. Having this website is a great resource and I highly recommended it. Link 


Casey over at Pretty organized is a great resource and inspiration for all things organizing. Her blog is stocked full of diy and life made easy tips. She has many innovate and inexpensive ideas for everyone and at any stage or organizing.  Link


I found this blog a few months ago and having been visiting ever since.  This blog is where it’s at: content-wise. If you have a minute to read a few interesting articles about disorganization and how you can achieve a little less clutter in your life: well then this is a great place to head over to. Trust me. You won’t be disappointed. Link


I love before and afters of places and spaces. Anyone else? I love reading about them, viewing the photos and reading about how things were tackled…Basicallyhow they got from the before to the after. Amanda has quite the portfolio of before and afters both large and small. If before and afters are your thing…then Kuzaks closet is a place to visit. Link

So. Anyone else have any great blogs or websites that they follow and want to share? I’d love to know of any other places online that you have visited that are an inspiration.

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8 thoughts on “Top 10 Organizing blogs

  1. This is a great list, thanks. Life hackers has some cool stuff on on organizing your life – it’s a bit more nerdy and their target audience is more of a college kid – but you may find some neat stuff in there.

  2. lamh1985 on said:

    Melissa, this is a very refreshing blog entry. If not for this list, I would have forgotten that there is an entire community of people who love to organize their homes.

    I cannot help but notice that many of the bloggers love white and colours that contain a lot of white such as lime, pink, and Twitter blue. Perhaps the colours are commonplace because they are comforting.

    • Hi lamh1985. Thank you for your comment. Ah yes…white and lots of pops of color….very popular. That is a great theory about the colors being comforting…I know I’ve read an article or two about color and the effects that they have an effect on your mood. Great point!

  3. What a great list! As someone who loves organization but has two small children, I feel like I could use all the new ideas I can get. Thanks!

  4. Hey there! I was immediately blown away by the visual play of your entry! For me, this fact took hold of the whole experience, where your blog serves as a natural starting-point to visit these other sites from!

  5. Hi Robby. Thank you SO much…I very much appreciate your comment and am glad that you really like my blog. It means alot to me to receive all of these kind words 🙂

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