Hi! Welcome to my blog.

First and foremost let me start by saying that yes….inspiringly is a word.

I’ll be honest, when I was younger….and um…still to do this…I’ll admit I sometimes make up words. Yup…but this….inspiringly is a word.

Now that I’ve addressed that….

My name is Melissa. I’m an avid…like SUPER avid organizer. Organizing things is my therapy, it’s my hobby and it.is.my.life. There is nothing better than knowing where most things are…and even better when I go to get something and I know where it is AND it’s there!

I enjoy helping other tackle their spaces: both large and small. There is nothing more gratifying when I can help someone go through a space in their home or work place and know that I’ve helped them feel better. Even better is to pass along some tips to make life easier and keep on top of things.

With all that being said I hope you enjoy my blog. I love comments so please leave me one 🙂




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